5 Tips to Boost Small Business Productivity

For many entrepreneurs and small business owners maintaining consistent level of productivity can be a major challenge, and can have a significant impact on their business. A business owner with a brick and mortar store has more limited options for failing to be productive because clients and customers are depending on the business owner to adhere to the stated hours of operation.

It’s easier for those who work from home or from wherever they have an internet connection to lose productive hours if they fail to implement systems and strategies to keep track of how they use their time. What are some of those tips and strategies?

Below are five tips to boost small business productivity:

1. Wake Earlier: The idea of starting earlier than you already do may not appeal to many entrepreneurs. However, many early-risers have found that they are more productive in the mornings, and so they get more done in a shorter time because their energy level is much higher. It’s noteworthy that J.P Getty’s formula for success was: rise early, work hard, strike oil.

2. Stop Multi-tasking: People often boast that they’re able to work on multiple projects at the same time, and often find themselves surrounded by several unfinished projects. Research indicates that multi-tasking cuts back on productivity. You actually increase productivity by focusing on one project at a time in time blocks.

3. Complete the Most Challenging Task First: Brian Tracy describes this as ‘eating the frog.’ Knowing that you have something to do, which you don’t really like to do, and which presents a challenge can rob you of your energy. It’s better to get it done and out of the way so you can move ahead with jobs you prefer to do or find easier to do. Dale Carnegie is quoted as saying, “Do the hard jobs first. The easy jobs will take care of themselves.”

4. Plan Ahead: Spend 30 minutes the night before, or if you prefer to plan weekly, do so on Sunday evening to plan your day or your week by listing your most important tasks that must be done and stay focused until each day’s most important tasks are completed. When you plan ahead you can hit the ground running each day instead of wondering where to start or what to do first.

5. Schedule Similar Tasks Together: Block similar things to do together. For example: return all of your calls at one time; schedule times to check your email and social media platforms. This way you’re not switching from one thing to something in an unrelated field and have to do mental adjustments.

These are only five of many tips to boost your productivity. Very few entrepreneurs and small business owners are able to maintain consistent productivity with proper planning and systems implementation. By being open to tips to boost small business productivity, you can maximize your time so that it feels as if your were actually given increased time.

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